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Y2mate YouTube Downloader

The Y2Mate app is a completely cost-free YouTube converter that allows you to download unlimited videos using high-speed encoding. This means that you can convert YouTube videos with a resolution of up to 1080p into MP4 format. It works with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It also supports many audio and video formats like MP3 as well as MP4, 3GP, AVI, M4V, and many more. The most appealing thing is that you are able to use it with any browser on the internet without needing any additional software or add-ons. There is no registration required and making an MP4 file is fast and simple.

The Best features of Y2mate YouTube Downloader

  • It is compatible with more than 1000 audio and video websites which allow users to download the content.
  • y2mate Downloading permits you the downloading video files ranging from low quality (144p) up to top quality (8K) according to the quality and the quality of the video posted to the website you prefer.
  • Additionally, you can convert subtitles, and download your favorite songs as mp3.
  • In addition, YouTube also supports the downloading of video content downloaded from the most well-known streaming platforms, which includes
  • Netflix and shopping mode Amazon Prime as well as HBO Max.
  • You’re downloading videos from Youku and other competing websites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Facebook.

More important details about the Y2mate

  •  Import YouTube videos from
  • Price is included in the price.
  • A physical address is not available on the official site.
  • Links to social media are do not appear on the site.
  • Terms, conditions, and privacy policies are listed in the text, but they’re copied from.
  • Email address:
  • A telephone or WhatsApp number is not available.
  • The newsletter isn’t available on this site.
  • The website doesn’t give the owner’s details.


How do I download and convert files?


It’s as easy as a few clicks, and it’s easy downloading and convert YouTube videos into mp3 by using this site. Let’s get started step by steps

  1. Visit the official site of y2mate. browse to the search page.
  2.  Copy the URL of your video on YouTube then paste the URL into your search box.
  3.  Choose the format of output as MP3 and hit Download.
  4. Next, you can save the video by using the y2mate mp3 download feature once the conversion process has been completed.

Isn’t it simple? You can now listen to your music at any time and anywhere. Many people refer to this site as a YouTube to MP3 converter called Y2mate.

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What are the best precautions to take to protect against contracting Y2mate virus?


If you can, do not download videos using Y2mate. However, if you have to utilize the service, here are some precautions to follow:

1. Utilize professional ad blocking. AdBlock One is the best free ad blocker available for Chrome as well as Safari.

2. Beware of ads using Y2mate.

3. When you access the Y2mate website when the new tab opens make sure you check the URL, then close it if it’s not directly connected to Y2mate.

4. Be sure to check the name of Y2mate’s files prior to downloading. Many download links will pop up trying to trick you into installing PUPs or viruses, instead of downloading of your film. Before saving, be sure the filename for the download corresponds to the title of the video that you would like to download.

5. Don’t let Y2mate send you messages.

How to convert YouTube to Mp4 using the Y2Mate


First, visit the YouTube video that you want to convert to MP4 then copy and paste the URL. You can copy it directly from the address bar located at near the top, or copy it by clicking”Share” or the “Share” link.

Then, go to the Y2Mate site and copy the URL into the box.

When you copy the URL the link, it will begin processing the video. After that, it will prompt you to select the quality of the MP4 video. Select the quality you prefer and click Convert.

Simply click “Download” to begin downloading your newly converted MP4 file to the preferred place on your device.

4 Best Alternatives of y2mate

The y2mate app is described as “Online download videos from YouTube for free to mobile, PC. It supports downloading in all formats: MP4, 3GP, WebM HD videos, and converts YouTube to MP3 or M4A’. It is a YouTube downloader within the category of video and movies. There are over 50 alternatives to y2mate not just websites, but applications for various platforms that include Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

The most suitable alternative is YouTube-DL which is both completely free as well as Open Source. Other fantastic websites and apps like y2mate include Youtube-DLG, at DLP, Youtube Video, Audio Downloader, and YouTube Download for Free. YouTube Download.


It can be integrated with front-ends like YouTube-DLG, youtube is a simple command-line tool for downloading videos off YouTube as well as a myriad of other websites.


A cross-platform front-end GUI of the YouTube-dl popular written in the wxPython programming language.


Yt-dlp is a YouTube-dl fork built on the inactive YouTube-DLC. The primary goal of the project is to add updates and new functions while staying up-to-date with the original.

Free YouTube Download

DVDVideoSoft’s Free YouTube Download lets you download and convert YouTube videos quickly, with support for multiple streams which can be paused at any time.

Are legally acceptable to utilize?

Absolutely, is legal to use, as it is not used for it to engage in any illegal activity. The site provides dating services on the internet that are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within the United States. In particular, complies with both state law (e.g. the minimum requirements for age) as well as Federal law (e.g. the prohibition against discrimination).

Pros and Pros of Using Y2mate


  • Unlimited downloads Y2mate allows you to download unlimited amounts of audio or video files with no restrictions whatsoever.
  • Speedy video conversion – considering that the program is based on the cloud, the conversion and downloading takes place effectively to provide the output in a matter of minutes.
  • There is no registration required – You do not be required to enter any personal information when using Y2mate.
  • Multiplatform Y2mate is an internet-based software and is accessible to all platforms.


  • Needs an internet connection that is constant It requires a constant internet connection Y2mate is a web-based online application and is therefore not suitable for those who are looking for an offline application.


Y2mate is completely free to use it provides unlimited download and conversion options, and it is fully compatible with all available platforms on the market. In the final analysis, directly converting music and videos from YouTube is similar to putting the process of cutting through butter.

Frequently Asked Question 

Q. Is Y2mate Legitimate?

Ans- The time span of this website is excellent, with a lifespan of is 5 years and 5 months. This website has an Alexa score of 264. The country of this site is Panama and it is not listed on any social media platforms.

Q. Why is Y2mate Popular?

Ans- The primary reason for this website’s popularity is that it gives you the possibility of downloading from a variety of video-sharing websites. In addition, it also allows different formats for downloading. To make sure you don’t need to look on Google to find other platforms. Alongside this, it also includes an extension and y2mate MP3 converter that is very user-friendly.

Q. How can I use this YouTube YouTube video downloader, and Convert Tool?

Ans- It’s easy to save YouTube videos with Y2mate. If you’d like to save a particular film, just copy its URL then paste the URL into the search bar on this page. You will see the conversion option as well as the option to download. You can do it easily in case you need to change format or, download it in the same format by clicking the download button.









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