4 Steps to Check out Picuki Instagram Profile Anonymously?



What exactly is Picuki?

Picuki can be described as an Instagram editor and viewer. It lets users edit Instagram images and browse Instagram profiles stories posts followers, locations, and tags for an unlimited amount of time, without having to log into.

Picuki is an anonymous and secure site and does not keep any personal information associated with Instagram users. It’s completely free. With Picuki users can look up their own posts as well as their friends’ profiles, posts, and stories followers, and accounts they follow. It allows users to discover popular Instagram posts, tags and examine comments and likes on every Instagram post.

This site also offers many cool features, such as editing other people’s posts using filters, setting filters, altering the contrast, brightness, and saturation and cropping, among others.

 Picuki Instagram profile viewer

While it could appear as an ideal spot for a stalker, Picuki’s application for Instagram can actually be a great tool for people who wish to browse through images and videos without needing to sign up for an account. We’ll go over the basics of what Picuki is for Instagram is and what it can do, as well as the benefits and whether it’s secure to use. Picuki provides a variety of tools that allow you to browse IG stories, posts and profiles much easier.

If you discover a photograph or video you’d like saving, it lets you download it. If you’d like to know the private life of someone, Picuki has got you covered.

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But, one of the most useful features Picuki has is the ability to look up hashtags or topics.

That means that if you’re looking for ideas to write your next article or just want to know the latest trends, Picuki makes it easy to find the information you’re seeking.

If you’re a social media guru or simply want to have a peek at someone’s account without being aware, Picuki is certainly worth a look.

How do you browse through an Instagram account without logging into it using Picuki


The user can use the app to surf Instagram without having to sign in following the steps below:

  1. Visit https://www.picuki.com/ from your web browser.
  2. In the box for searching, type in the name of Instagram’s user you would like to follow.
  3.  When you have the results of your search, choose the profile you want to view on the page.
  4.  You can now browse and see all posts posted through the account that is public.

How do you use Picuki?

Picuki.com is similar to a searching engine to Instagram. There are two ways to follow Instagram by using this site.

  1. Utilizing account search
  2. Searching for hashtags

Method 1: Using the Account Search

Following the steps to complete this task, you can do it on this site.

  • Visit the official website via www.Picuki.com.
  • A new page is expected to show. Search for Insta’s username Insta user name in the search box.
  • It will then show the list of accounts.

Method – 2 Using Hashtag Search

To see the IG post that you want to view using the hashtag follow the steps listed below.

  • Visit the official website of Picuki.com.
  • Enter your desired hashtag display and then click “search” then “search icon”.
  • A hashtag listing is shown.

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4 Best Picuki alternative options to use 

1. SmiHub

2. Inflact

3. Gramhir

4. InstaDP

Is Picuki Mobile App?

Picuki doesn’t have an official mobile application. It’s an online application. It is not possible to install or download the program since it’s only available on the official website. This software isn’t available for Apple’s iOS.

Is picuki an anonymous ?


Yes. Pickuki can be completely private. This anonymous and free online application doesn’t require any personal data such as names, email addresses as well as credit card details. Picuki.com may request your contact details if you make use of it to request services.

Be aware that this is the only instance Picuki retains any user information. Picuki regularly scans for viruses to protect your database.

Is Picuki free ?

We have some wonderful news for those who are interested in knowing how to tell if Picuki is free or not. Picuki tool is available for free or not. Picuki app provides all its services at no cost customers don’t have to buy its services in order to use it for the duration of a month, day, or even a year.

How to Report a Scammer:

If you’re seeking details on how to make a complaint against picuki.com or any other scammers that are on the internet , as well as other scammers, we are able to assist you. You can file a complaint through the Federal Trade Commission and fill out the form. You may also note website names as well as individuals in comment section. You could help numerous possible victims.

Picuki’s Advantages and Disadvantages:

Picuki is the price of everything. These are the advantages and disadvantages to this amazing website.

Picuki Advantages

  • You don’t need to sign up. It’s completely free
  • It displays thousands of details and accounts in one glance
  • The top of the page lists popular hashtags and accounts.
  • Log in to any Instagram account that has been created
  • Do not give customer information to anyone else.
  • A variety of editing tools and filters are available for free to modify, crop, or download images.

Picuki disadvantages

  • It doesn’t follow your searches and interests.
  • Do not display an increased balance on your account.
  • Users shouldn’t be able to access Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site.
  • Instagram does not allow users to delete images from Instagram.
  • Make a photo of your product or account
  • It is not compatible with Android. It is available for Apple users.

What’s unique about the Picuki website?


There are many aspects that make it unique. Here are a few listed below.

  1. Download exclusive content online without signing into Instagram with your username.
  2. It is also possible to view the history of their user that you might consider looking into.
  3. There is no way for anyone to see your activities.
  4. This is a secure way to download and browse through posts.
  5. It’s the ideal website for use using the app called Instgaram.



Picuki Web application gives you the possibility to browse and save or modify Instagram content like profiles, stories, and posts. Additionally, you can opt for downloading information on Instagram followers and hashtags.

Frequently asked questions 

Q.1 – Does Picuki anonymous?

It is true that Picuki remains completely private, as the account user of his Instagram profile won’t ever get information about your views, personal information as well as the dates and times of your visits since these data are not saved.

Q.2 – Is Picuki secured?

It is true that Picuki has been proven to be safe, and it’s legal to make use of Picuki to browse the public Instagram profiles without revealing your identity.

Q.3 – Is picuki cost-free?

Absolutely, picuki.com is a free Instagram editor and viewer. It allows you to browse and edit Instagram accounts of other users without having to sign into. You can also access it for unlimited time.

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